We hand draw a design or work with your own concepts.

We consider the print's end use to ensure the process we use gets the best results for the design, fabric and colours.

 Each colour in a design requires a screen - the process is called screen origination - which means the films are used to etch the image onto a screen.

Screen origination costs vary depending on the size of the artwork and the number of colours within a design.

We hand print the traditional way with eco-friendly, premium water based inks and silk screens.

We mix all our inks in-house and work with Pantone formulas, and offer custom matching of colours.

No automated machinery is used in our print process.

  We offer flexible print runs from 1 unit/ metre to 500 units/metres.

Our widest print bench is 200 cm.

Hand screen printing can be physically demanding and often takes days, from making the screens to printing intricate designs.

A good lead time is always required.

The end results are always worth the time and are beautifully unique.